August 14-16, 2019 at Deer Creek State Park

2019 Agenda Preview…you should probably register right now.

Hi All! We’ve been quiet for a while…tech updates haven’t been friendly with our blog, but we’re back at the PERFECT time!

A few things to share with you today:

Registration closes soon, so make sure you get registered right away! For those of you that are already registered…make sure you share with others so they can join in! (Click on the “Register Now” button to the right of this post!)

AGENDA!!! Wow, it’s going to be a great year. We’ll be going “Beneath the Surface” this year with topics like:

  • Sexuality
  • Sharing status
  • Breaking the system
  • Technology (with real stories AND a traveling tech trailer!)
  • Intentional supports
  • and lots more goodness!

New this year: We still believe that our experts are in the room – – many of you will be sharing with us on the topics we just mentioned.

This year, we decided we wanted to seek out some additional experts…Dave Hingsburger will be joining us remotely for two sessions (don’t know about his work? Look him up. You seriously will not regret it.) and Richelle Frabotta will be joining us – she’s an amazing person who will be challenging us to evolve in our thinking. Download the agenda booklet so you can check out ALL the goodness:

That’s all for now! Can’t wait to see you at Deer Creek.

See you Monday at 2pm!

Hi Gathering attendees! We’re so excited to see you on Monday. We’ve been made aware of some confusion regarding our start time. The gathering officially starts at 2:30pm, but we’d like everyone to get signed in and starting to settle around 2pm. We found something that had conflicting information…our apologies. If you can’t make it by 2pm on Monday, we understand. Our table hosts will catch you up when you get there!


Also, in case you missed it…this email went out today:

We’re mobile!

You can now access information regarding the agenda, connect with other, and much more by downloading the free app, Guidebook.


  1. Visit your App Store or Play Store: Search for Guidebook—- You will see a lower case letter g or the phrase Guidebook, Inc.   Select.
  2. Install then Open.
  3. When prompted–Log on the way of your choice—e-mail or facebook.
  4. Then select “Use Code” near the top of the app—   Your code for Gathering at The Grove is =    rzn8msof
  5. If prompted and you need redemption code the word is =    gathering

You are then logged into the guidebook app for Gathering at The Grove—and you can surf around the different selections!




10 Days left to register!

Update: Registration is now closed.

Hi Everyone! The countdown begins…we’re now less than a month away from an incredible time of learning and renewed excitement! In the days ahead, there will be many updates shared, so stay tuned!


We’re glad you asked…we’ve just uploaded the agenda to get you started. Be sure to check it out!


Come prepared to share! More information to come regarding this expectation, but for now, be thinking about what successes or struggles you’d like to share with others!


It’s coming!  An opportunity to renew, to spend time with people who know that person centered practices has many facets.  I know I won’t have to defend PCT, or imagine.  I know there will be people with creative minds and interesting new ideas at our first Gathering at the Grove.  Oh, and the grove, what a relaxing, peaceful place.  We’ll be able to walk, talk and have fun under the trees and in the beautiful facilities.  I love the welcoming art on the doors of the main building; tree branches spreading wide and graceful; gently insisting we renew, we begin again, we bring and accept wisdom, we find balance.  This is a gathering of those that want to learn and share.  I need this, we need this! ~Tara Nicodemus, Region V

Hi Everyone,

Come join us for the Gathering at the Grove.  We are so excited to share stories about person-centered planning and its success here in Stark County.  We look forward to meeting many new people and hearing and learning from other success stories!   See you at the Gathering! ~Emily Martinez, Stark County