Gathering @ the Grove – 20/20 Vision

Attention, Gatherers. 

There will be a Gathering @ the Grove in 2020! 

When life appears out of focus, when the future becomes a bit fuzzy, sometimes we need to adjust our prescription so we can see clearly again.  Gathering @ the Grove – 2020 Vision is our opportunity to come together and do just that.  We can simultaneously acknowledge how life has changed and honor the importance of communities like the Gathering.  There is work to be done, there are advancements to be made…and we need each other. 

Like many other areas of our lives, the Gathering will look a little different this year.  Sure, we won’t be able to meet face-to-face, but that just means we get to be creative and have some fun with this year’s format.  So, what do we have in mind?

Well, for starters the Gathering will primarily be hosted online during the week of October 12th.  We’re working on an agenda which includes some standard Gathering traditions, but also introduces some new ideas and ways to connect. Maybe some of those new ideas will become Gathering traditions!  We know that nothing will replace the in-person Gathering, but we also think this year’s format has some really awesome benefits, like:

  • We can spread events out and avoid overlapping sessions that occur at the same time, so you don’t have to choose between two or more interesting topics.  
  • We can make this year’s Gathering FREE to attend! 
  • We can make progress on something else we have wanted for a long time – ongoing opportunities to connect with the Gathering Community throughout the year, not just during the event. 

We started this with Virtual Campfire Chats, and we plan to continue those.  The next one is on a special date, July 15th, but after that they will recur every second Wednesday of the month at 7 pm.  Check out the events section of our Facebook page(s), or the Upcoming Events section of this blog for the link to join.

So, as all of the details for this year’s Gathering come into focus, what can you expect to see from us?  Well, we know that right now updates about all kinds of things in the world can feel unpredictable and overwhelming.  We’d prefer to share updates that are consistent, easy to digest, and give you something to look forward to! So, we’ll be putting out updates on the same Wednesdays that we host the Virtual Campfire Chats.  That means you can join us later that day in the Campfire Chats to catch up on the news or talk about the updates.  We’re trying to decide on a name for these regular updates – what do you all think of Squatch Droppings…?  Ok, sometimes your first idea is not your best idea. 

Join us for our next Virtual Campfire Chat on July 15th, and until then, take care of yourself, stay tuned, and stay well!

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