Why Sponsor

Features unique to our event:

  • Attendance is limited to 120 participates so that nobody gets lost in the shuffle and everyone feels a part of the gathering experience.
  • There is no governing group or agency that hosts or runs this event.
  • People supported and their families will never be turned away because of lack of funds. Sponsorship dollars, from their county or from G@TG, will cover their costs.
  • The information shared and the relationships developed at the Gathering @ the Grove has significant value, therefore, we want to keep registration costs feasible for all people. It is imperative to our mission to have a diverse mix of people supported, families and professionals. 

In today’s economy, it is not difficult to find a group that is looking for sponsorships.  However, how often do you find a group that doesn’t just focus on their isolated cause? A group that understands that to support one member of a community, we have to first acknowledge that we are all part of the same community?  A group that recognizes the value of Person-Centered Practices, Trauma Informed Care, and other promising practices around the state of Ohio?  A grassroots group that is not “led” by any organization or agency?  The Gathering @ the Grove IS that group and we are looking for sponsors for the next event!


The Gathering @ the Grove is unique.  It is not like any other conference.  In fact, we are proud that we are a “non-conference” and strive to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to welcoming all people, sharing of information and life stories, and building interpersonal relationships that create meaningful life connections.  Although everyone leaves their job titles at the door, the group is made up of families and people supported, County Board of DD staff, Ohio Department of DD staff, and providers of service.  Every September, we gather together for a three-day journey that is created in a way that allows the participant to choose their own learning experience.  How many times have you sat in a conference and listened to a speaker talk at you all the while you were thinking about how much value you could add to the conversation?  Well, leading your own session is common practice at Gathering @ the Grove.  We firmly believe that the topic experts are the people in the audience!!


One participant from 2016 Gathering @ the Grove had this to say:

“I just wanted to express how much the Fayette County team appreciate you and all your efforts in changing lives for people.  We walked away with great information, new friends, rejuvenated, and even closer as a team!  For me personally, I have gained a deeper appreciation for people who have a disability and their families, and the path of life that they are on.  It is proof that we should never say we have arrived in knowing something.    This realization was a surprise to me and I now have a new perspective.  So, thank you!!  Please continue to have this great event!”


We hope that you will join us in sponsorship so that we CAN continue to offer this great event!!   

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