The Final Countdown!

The date is almost here, and we’re excited to see everyone!

Now that we’re only 10 days away, let’s catch up on some of the more unique features of the Gathering!  Here’s a brief summary, but feel free to head on over to our FAQ section (under the What to Expect tab) for more details.

Gallery Walk

A Gallery Walk is an opportunity for a person or a group of people to showcase the work they’re doing around person-centered practices in a visual way — a poster, a video, a map, photographs…..whatever you’d like. Everyone is encouraged to participate. This is an opportunity to be as creative (or not creative) as you want to be! Please bring a poster, a video, a map, photographs, graphics with you …..whatever works for you to share the work you’re doing or a story that you want to tell visually.

Learning Marketplace

Remember the “Choose your own adventure” books? This is basically your opportunity to make this Gathering @ the Grove be whatever you want and need it to be!

The Learning Marketplace is an opportunity to share with the large group a topic that you’d like to learn more about and/or share about.  We’ll create a schedule of topics, and throughout the event there will be times when we choose which topic of conversation we’re most interested in, and then go join a smaller group for discussion about that topic.  YOU can even lead the discussion or question session!  So, start thinking about hot topics and share whatever’s on your mind!

World Café

During the World Café, we gather around tables, meet new people, share ideas and perspectives, brainstorm, and make meaningful connections!  The World Café is active and engaging, and a highlight of our time together!

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