Need to Know

This is two days of intense learning, sharing and connecting. You will quickly realize this is like no other learning event. There will be time to listen to others share their learning with large groups, participate in small groups and have casual conversation about topics you’re most interested in. Here are some tips from your planning team:

  • Dress casually and comfortably.
  • The primary  meeting space is a large room. Other meeting spaces are outside or in other rooms at the Grove. Dress in layers as we’re certain each space will be a different temperature!
  • Come expecting to actively participate. This is not a passive “conference.” Come seeking information and bringing your own experiences to share.
  • The “Learning Marketplace” is an opportunity to create and/or join sessions that meet your specific interests. Learning Marketplace sessions can be about any topic you want to explore. Perhaps you have some burning questions you want to discuss or a love of yoga that you want to share…these sessions are about you!
  • The “Gallery Walk” is an opportunity for you to showcase the work you’ve been doing! More details to come on this…
  • Reach out and meet new people! Don’t just keep to yourself… there will be many opportunities all week to connect with others. Take advantage of it!

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