About us

gathering @ the grove.


[ ˈgaT͟HəriNG ]

noun: gathering · plural noun: gatherings
  1. an assembly or meeting, especially a social or festive one or one held for a specific purpose

A few things you should know about our gathering…

  • We’re in our 4th year offering this statewide non-conference
  • We limit registration to 125…we believe this allows us to have more meaningful discussions in small groups and to develop meaningful connections.
  • Through formal sessions and informal sessions/conversations, we welcome any topic, idea, or approach that allows us to challenge our thinking and practice.
  • We “leave our titles at the door”. We welcome everyone (and offer scholarships, as well!)
  • While we leave our titles at the door…we like to make sure we have a well-rounded planning team. Our gathering planning team is made up of providers, county board, advocates, family members, and state employees. These agencies have been gracious enough to donate staff time to this event, and many of our team members donate their own person time (and money) to make sure the gathering continues to get better and better.