Gallery Walk

A Gallery Walk is an opportunity for a person or a group of people to showcase the work they’re doing around person-centered practices (or an approach that supports person-centered practices!) in a visual way — a poster, a video, a map, photographs…..whatever you’d like. Everyone is encouraged to participate. This is an opportunity to be as creative (or not creative) as you want to be! Please bring a poster, a video, a map, photographs, graphics with you …..whatever works for you to share the work you’re doing or a story that you want to tell visually. We will also have some materials and supplies for you to use once you arrive to gathering @ the grove. Others will then have the opportunity to check out your work and ask you questions. You should also be prepared to provide your contact information, because folks are likely going to want to hear more later!

For more information or to sign up to share at this year’s Gallery Walk, please fill out the form below. Someone will follow up with you asap.

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